Lower Parts Kits

Lower Parts Kits
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Partial Lower Parts Kit| LPK-06

Features: 1x Hammer Pin1x Trigger Pin 1x Takedown Pin Detent Spring 1x PIvot Pin Dete..

Partial Lower Parts Kit| LPK-12

Features: 1x Hammer Pin1x Trigger Pin 1x Pivot Pin 1x Takedown Pin 1x Hammer Spr..

AR 9MM Lower Parts Kit w/ Standard Grip & Trigger Guard

Our AR 9mm Lower Receiver Parts Kits (LPK's) include everything you'll need to put together a w..

MEAN EndoMag 9MM AR-15/AR-9 Coming Soon

MEAN EndoMag 9MM AR-15/AR-9

The MEAN EndoMag is a magazine insert that converts your Gen 2/ 3  5.56/.223 PMAGs housing into..

AR15 Oops Parts Kit

Our Missing Oops Parts Kit has the small springs, detents and pins that are commonly lost during mai..